Worst Places to Work Remotely

Worst Places to Work Remotely

Many people dream of leaving the office environment for working on the beach, or next to a swimming pool, but in reality, if you want to be productive these are the worst locations to work remotely. We’re all guilty of taking a photo of our laptop next to the pool or on the beach and posting it on social media, but when deadlines appear on the horizon, you quickly realise your productivity is suffering.

Let’s have a look at why these are the worst places to work remotely.

Damage to your gear

Let me say this from experience – sand and water will wreck your gear; increasing the cost of working remotely and travelling. The perils of working on the beach or around the swimming pool include: kids running around (as they should, it’s holiday time!) and half intoxicated adults dive-bombing into the pool. One remote worker in Penang told me about the day a paraglider flew metres away from his head while he was sat working on the beach.

Glare on your screen from the sunshine

Unless you buy a laptop with a glare-free screen, or a screen filter, the glare from sunshine and daylight can kill your productivity – of course, you could sit in the shade, but with most laptop displays, this would still cause a high level of glare. (I’m sat in a café writing this, and can see glare from the daylight coming in through the window).

Health issues due to overexposure to sunshine

While sat outside for an excessive amount of time, the effects of excessive exposure to sunlight will mean you risk sunburn, which can be painful and if severe enough considered a first-degree burn. In the long term, there is an increased risk of developing skin cancer, which can be fatal. It’s important to keep healthy because this could affect being able to work.


People sat on the beach or next to the pool are there to have fun – it’ll be a mix of children, teenagers running around in the sand, or splashing in the pool – with the sound of chatter, bar music, and adults screaming as they paraglide into the sky. All of this is a distraction – you are there to work and be as productive as you can be.

Unless your goal is to live in a hostel and eat Pad Thai every day – you have to get shit done to make money and live a comfortable life. Being focused is important – your employer or clients have to trust you to get the work done, and you only build that trust by working in a productive environment.

Increased chance of theft

Obviously, theft can happen anywhere in public, but there’s a higher chance of your laptop and equipment being stolen while sat (or laid) outside, especially on a busy beach. It would be easier for someone grab your laptop, run away into the crowded beach or pool area; after all, your concentration will be on working.

Remote working has many benefits

All that said, the reason that many of us work remotely is for the flexibility of being able to work the hours that fit our lifestyle, and experience living in different countries. Personally, I would prefer to work in a space that allows me to be productive so the work can be completed to a high standard, and then relax on the beach or next to the pool in-between work.

This was written in response to the thousands of articles published, promoting the dream of working remotely on the beach or next to the swimming pool. While there are many benefits, it’s important not to make a life-changing decision based on the thought of sitting on the beach working – in reality, it is near impossible to be productive in these locations.