Working Remotely: The Benefits

Working Remotely: The Benefits

What are the Benefits of Working Remotely?

There will be a lot of people selling you the dream of quitting your job to sit next to the pool, with a cocktail, while working remotely.  There’s a guy telling his audience that they should quit their job, go and live in paradise in Thailand and make money from writing a blog.

Let me start by saying that people have different circumstances prior to quitting their job – some will have an early retirement pension to rely on, another person will have rich parents, or they could have saved money for a number of years to be able to quit their job.

Do not quit your job because a guy in Chiang Mai says so.

With all this aside, let me get straight to the benefits of remote working.

Flexibility and freedom

If you are self-employed, you have the luxury of flexibility and being able to work the hours that you want to work – even if you’re remote working for a company, you’ll find that some companies are more flexible with regard to when employees can work their hours, when working remotely.

Work a couple of hours in the morning, and then go out and explore the place you’re visiting, then come back in the evening to finish off your hours for the day.  Some people like to work throughout the day and then have a social life in the evening – the choice is up to you.

At the end of the day, providing you are productive and you get work done, your clients or employer should not be concerned and trust you.

No commuting to work

This is one of the biggest reasons why many people love being a remote worker; not having to wait for a bus, while standing in the rain or snow. Not getting stuck in traffic, and arriving at work stressed. Your routine will be what you choose – and being able to wake up, exercise, have a shower, breakfast and then settle into work is a great start to the day.

At this point, it is worth emphasising that it is essential to have a routine for work that fits your lifestyle.

A cheaper way of living

People are often surprised to learn that it is cheaper to move from country to country and travel than it is to stay in one place. What they forget is that when you rent an apartment in one place you then have to start paying home content insurance, council tax (in the UK) and other local taxes.

Where as, when you’re only in one place for a month or two, you can use a service like Airbnb where in the majority of listings, the electricity, gas, water and internet are all included in the price that you pay and depending where you’re staying, is always cheaper than rent back home.

Of course, you do have to pay for flights, and getting from A to B, but if you plan in advance and shop around you can find some excellent deals.

Less Stress

When you work in an office there are a number of different personalities to contend with, and let’s not forget office politics, disputes if the air conditioning should be switched on or off – you get the picture. Add on coping with mood swings, catching illnesses from work colleagues, and combined, it increases your stress levels.

Wear what you want

Lay in bed in your pyjamas, sit at your desk in your underwear, or a wear a suit, the choice is yours what you wear while working. No need to buy a set of leisure and work clothes, no pressure to wear a tie or even iron your clothes. Many remote workers say that they prefer to wear something that focuses their mind on work.

Being able to Travel

If you are working remotely then there’s every likelihood that you’ll also be able to travel around and stay in different places – most remote workers only need access to the internet to be able to carry out their duties.

There is the technology out there for you to be able to do this and still communicate with clients, customers and colleagues.

The biggest challenge will be dealing with time zone changes – but providing you communicate with all parties involved, you will be able to deal with this.

Most companies that offer remote working for their employers, trust them and do not mind their employees working out of office hours providing that you get the work done.

Remote working is a great way to explore the world while working

Work from wherever you want

Along with being able to travel, this is the reason why most people love working remotely. You have the option of working at home, in a coffeehouse, or in a co-working space with other creative people.

There are some exceptions to this in my opinion, as I wrote in my post about the worst places to work. The main points are that you find somewhere, which is secure, comfortable and productive.

Hopefully, these reasons to become a remote worker have inspired you.