Working Remotely: the Truth

Working Remotely: the Truth

Working remotely gives you the flexibility to introduce work life balance, and the amazing opportunity to explore the world.


It’s a lifestyle that many dream of, but sadly, many business give people a false impression of what life is like. If you think you’ll be sat on the beach sipping a cocktail while working, then I am afraid you are going to be seriously disappointed.


Your personality and character trait will also determine how well you will fit into remote working, especially while travelling. Have you previously travelled alone for an extensive period of time?  Do you like to be around people, or, prefer your own company. Unless you pay for co-working spaces, or, spend a lot of time in coffeehouses, you will be working on your own.


Here’s what a successful remote worker is to me:


  • You can afford to live in an apartment, rather than a hostel dormitory.
  • You can afford to live in some of the world’s most expensive cities like Tokyo and Sydney.
  • You are not searching for advice on Reddit on how to live on £10 a day in Chiang Mai
  • You have a regular revenue stream from different sources
  • You are able to save up a percentage of your income into savings


Obviously, we all have a different perception of what success means to us.


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