Getting Started as a Remote Worker

Getting Started as a Remote Worker

So, you’re thinking about quitting your job to travel and work on the beach or next to the pool with a cocktail? Whoa, remove that image from your mind right now. Around here you will find real experiences, no selling dreams that are not reality. You’re likely to spend a lot of time working in the comfort of your accommodation, or, out in coffee shops and co-working spaces – not, laid on a sun lounger.


Serious about working remotely? Good, let’s get you started.


In this article, we’ll focus on the first steps that you need to take to start this journey. First, here are some questions to ask yourself. Take your time, get some quiet space to yourself, with an A3 pad and pencil and write down the answers.


What don’t you enjoy about your current job?


Think about what you dislike about your current job, and want to change. What makes you think that becoming self-employed as a contractor or freelancer will improve this situation? What motivates you to do your best work in your current job?


How would you describe yourself?


Be 100% honest with this question, Mention positive and negative personality traits – where can you improve yourself? If a work colleague described you, what would they say? Most of us know where we fail, and can areas of improvement.


What are your biggest fears about becoming a remote worker?


Think about the hurdles that you can see you will have to overcome to become a successful remote worker who travels the world. We often put obstacles in our way to making big decisions like this, but write them down and you will realise you can jump over these hurdles with some patience and hard work.


What is the end goal?


What do you hope to achieve by becoming a remote worker who travels around the world? What are your dreams? What does a typical day look like to you? What is your biggest dream? Where do you see yourself in five years time?


It’s important that you take time to answer these questions – really be honest with yourself because the only person you are cheating with is yourself.


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It’s important that you answer the questions above and have them written down because we’ll be going through all of this in much more detail. Hopefully, see you on the other side. Have questions? Contact me and let’s chat.

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