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My Story

I never went to university, so didn’t gain a degree. At 16, I left school with very little in the way of qualifications, and after a year in college, I started my first job, and worked for the same organisation for 24 years.


In 2014, aged 41, I walked away from a well paid job that was secure, with a good pension.  I made the difficult decision to pursue my dream of travelling round the world and hoped to be able to fund this through working remotely either as a freelancer or contractor.


When I stepped off the plane in Bangkok, Thailand, I had no idea what the future held for me, and my head was full of self doubt.  Travelling to SE Asia for the first time was intimidating: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore.


The ABBA fanatic taxi driver on the 8 hour journey to Lake Toba, the prison cell sized hotel room in Singapore, with no windows that smelt like someone had died there.


They were challenges but what surprised me was my ability to deal with them head on – a side of me that I didn’t know existed.  Throughout the first six months, travelling alone through Asia, Australia, NZ and the USA, my gut was telling me that this was the right decision but my head was still full of doubt.


I know for a fact family, friends and work colleagues doubted me – you see, I was a dreamer, all talk, no action.  Everyone thought after six months (or even before), I’d be back in England, working 9-5 in an office.


Four years later, I’m still travelling and working remotely, yes, my dream came true!


I’m just an ordinary Englishman, and if I can achieve freedom, create my own lifestyle business and work remotely while travelling, then you can too.  


Let me help you because travel creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Facts About Me

Interviewed on TV

Interviewed on TV

I’ve been interviewed on TV,  twice by the BBC, and found myself being invited to radio shows, and quoted in newspapers all over the world,  because of a community that I built online in 2015, called Travel Rants. Every month hundreds of thousands of people visited the site.
Blind & Partially Sighted

Blind & Partially Sighted

Not for sympathy but to prove that anyone can live the life that you want to lead if you put your mind to it.  I am blind in my right eye, and have been since birth. In some very busy cities it’s a challenge but have learnt to adapt although, I walked into a few bikes in Hanoi. 
Storm Chasing on Bucket List

Storm Chasing on Bucket List

Top of my bucket list is travelling on the Trans-Siberian Express train from St. Petersburg to Beijing, and to go storm chasing in Denver, USA. North Korea, Chile, Costa Rica are also on my list of places to explore in the future. Travel creates memories that last a lifetime.

4 years working remotely

Having lived in some of the world’s most expensive cities from Tokyo, New York City and Sydney, it was my dream to live a comfortable lifestyle, while travelling,  make enough money to continue to save and invest in my future.  Four years of working remotely has been an interesting experience,  dealing with challenges and learning more about myself and the world that we live in.


One of the biggest realisations from four years of travelling is that living a minimalist life drastically reduces stress in a world where materialism and commercialism  is thrusted in our faces every single day.


Freelancing and contracting throughout the last four years has given me the freedom to create the perfect work-life balance, which combines my love for travel with exploring new places.  


My background is in Quality Assurance on SAAS products, within various industries, but being multi-skilled has allowed me to freelance for brands within the tourism industry, offering services from social media management, writing, and building websites using WordPress and Squarespace.


One of my other passions is building communities, and it’s one of the reasons why my side-hustle is building this website into a comprehensive community for people who want to create freedom in their life while working remotely and travelling.


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